Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Here you have some questions to practise. Listen and try to answer:

HOLIDAYS More questions

1. What is your favourite holiday?
2. Why do you like this holiday?
3. What did you do last holiday?
4. Who did you spend this holiday with?
5. What will you do next year for this holiday?
6. What do your wear on this holiday?
7. Do you receive gifts -presents- on this holiday?
8. When are you going to go on holiday again?
9. Where do you usually go on holidays?
10. Where would you like to go next holiday?
11. What do you prefer: summer or Christmas holiday?
12. Are you going to go to the beach this summer?
13. Did you go on holiday last year?
14. Did something interesting happen to you last holidays?
15.When was the last time you went on holidays?
16. What did you visit there? 
17. Do you like spending your holidays in the mountain or next to the sea? 
18. What are your favorite summer activities?


Where did you go on your last holidays?
Who did you go with?
What did your parents do?
What did you like the most?
What was the weather like?
Who did the cooking?
What did you do most of the time?
Where do you want to go?
Where did you go on holidays two years ago?
Where are you going on holidays this year?
Tell me about what was the best/worst moment you had?
How did you travel?
(if the child went by car: ) Who drove the car?
Tell me what´s the difference between going to the beach and the mountains? (try to use “but”)
What do you like or dislike about the……? (try to use “but”)
Tell me who do you usually go on holidays with?

How often do you go on holidays?

Trinity Exam

The exam will take place one morning from the 15th of May to the 9th of June.

Pupils will take GESE 4 exam. There are two phases: The topic (about 5 minutes) and the conversation (about 5 minutes).

Topic: bear in mind to include in your topic:

 -Talking about past events
- Talking about future plans and intentions
- Expressing simple comparisons
- Expressing likes and dislikes
- Describing manner and frequency

Conversation: Two subject areas will be selected by the examiner from the list below.

- Holidays
- Shopping
- School and work
- Hobbies and sports
- Food
- Weekend and seasonal activities